Where Everything Lost is Found

Retail price is $12. Published October of 2013.
5 x 8 inches, paperback. 106 pages.

Authored and illustrated by Alejandra Reuhel.
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With vibrant scenes done both in word and in ballpoint pen sketch, Where Everything Lost is Found paints a portrait of the emerging adolescent suddenly finding themselves lost within life - and the journey back to being found once more. Alejandra Reuhel spins her poetic tales in four parts. Four places where one might find themselves lost: in memories, such as the loneliness of lost but treasured memories woven in Fish; in regret, painted hauntingly in the reaching out for a lost mother-figure in Mother; and in the practiced and steady rhyme of ecological mindfulness as is told in Cloudspeak. Poems interlaced with sketches belying hidden meanings, Where Everything Lost is Found is both an easy and psychological read, one that begs questions to be answered - answers that are found within oneself, lost and to be found, on the journey through this compendium.

Blurb by Kathryn Corah