Retail price is $12. Published July of 2015.
6x6 inches, 154 pages.

Authored by Zuleyka Robles Avilés.

Illustrated by Joythief, Rosa Colón, Naelle Devannah, Naisa Gómez, Alfredo Richner, Maricarmen Sandoval, Jonathan Ramos, Emanuel Rodriguez, JParés, María Beltrán, Pamela Katerina, Susana Meza, Andrea Menéndez, Jean Zúñiga, and Fe Fi (Muerte Chiquita).

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Sparks is a short book of very, very short stories. Reading it in one sitting is like lighting a few dozen sparklers, one after the other, spanning a lifetime of memories, each story in its own surprising hue of hypnotizing flickers. Three to five sentences are all it takes for Zuleyka to narrate fleeting moments in anonymous characters' lives. These moments, however, are the kind that we would easily forget, or often, prefer to. Ephemeral victories, like new paths toward transformation and hope, as well as the minor tragedies of life, which create persistent complexes of guilt, insecurity, fear and sadness that follow us across time from forgotten origins.

Excerpt from the introduction by Alejandra Reuhel